Wednesday, March 26, 2008

So many things to do in Santa Cruz...

A few people unfamiliar with Santa Cruz have begun to ask, "What else is there to do there?" Let me tell you, it's quite a big, little town. So I've put together a list of things to do. Check it:
Santa Cruz:
Roaring Camp Railroads
Santa Cruz Mystery Spot
The Beach Boardwalk
Neptune's Kingdom mini-golf
Santa Cruz Bowl
Pacific Garden Mall
Bunny's Shoe Store
Comic Books: Comicopolis and Atlantis
Streetlight Music
Tattoos: O'Reilly's, TrueArt, and F Utattoo
3 par golf: Casalero's and Scott's Valley
The Beaches
Natural Bridges, tide pools, and monarch butterflies
Marianne's Ic Cream
Bigfoot Discovery Museum

Not technically in Santa Cruz, but still pretty cool:
Winchester Myster House
Monterey Bay Aquarium
Ano Nuevo State Reserve (Ano Nuevo)
Kayaking on the Elkhorn Slough

Kinda Fancy:
Ristorante Avanti
Pink Godzilla
Gabriella Cafe
The Crepe Place
The Crow's Nest

More casual:
Saturn Cafe
Clam Chowder/The Warf

In San Jose:
La Victoria (the Orange Sauce!!)
Falafel Drive-In

Red Room
Rosie McCann's

...Well, I think that's it... Let me know if I forgot anything.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Check your mailboxes!

The invitations have been sent!  Look for them in your mailboxes soon.  If you don't get yours, please let me know because it was quite hectic getting them sent out and I'm pretty sure I made some mistakes.  I hope you enjoy them, Seth drew the cover art!  Can't wait for your replies!