Friday, July 25, 2008

Chandon's 3rd Birthday

This week, Seth's parents took us to North Carolina to visit Seth's son Chandon for his 3rd birthday.  This trip, we flew into Charlotte, where Chandon lives then drove to the Asheville area.  It is up in the Blue Ridge mountains and is really beautiful.  Chandon had a pirate themed birthday party in the park which was a lot of fun. Here he is thoroughly enjoying a corn-dog.  
This is Holden, Chandon's baby brother, looking super cute for the camera.  
Opening presents with his mom, Jessica, and grandma, Sue.The next day, we went to the Biltmore estate which is a huge and magnificent mansion.  It makes Hearst Castle look little.  Grandpa John and Grandma Kim with Chandon in the yard at our bed and breakfast.Relaxing on the porch swing.  And, as it happens, God has decided to bless my life by having my sister Kate and her husband John move to North Carolina as well, so we get to see them as well every-time we go out to see Chandon!  Two for one trips!  She and John drove 4 hours to come see us in Asheville and we appreciate it very much.  It was really nice to see them again.  I miss them.  
Enjoying his new camera which takes real digital pictures that you can download!  How cool!
Dad and Chandon checking out dinos at the Discovery museum.
Kim and Chandon looking for Nemo in the fish tanks.
Enjoying being able to bounce around on the beds at the hotel.
It was a very fun and exhausting trip.  Three year olds have SO much energy!  It's fun to see how much he has learned in the 6 months since we've seen him.  Thanks to John and Kim for taking us and to Jessica and co. for entertaining us!  We had a fantastic time.  

Friday, July 18, 2008


Last week, I got to go to Chicago for a business trip and since my good friend Heather lives there, I tacked on a few days for a visit with her. It was a fabulous time, even the work part! I asked Heather to show me some of her favorite things in Chicago, and since she has awesome taste, it was a total blast! Here's a view of downtown.
We went to the Field Museum to see the Mythic Creatures exhibit which was totally awesome. We learned a lot of lore about different creatures. I snuck a secret picture of the unicorn for Heidi.We also visited her favorite cupcake shop which just so happens to be called "Sweet Mandy B's" which is my name and middle initial! Cool. The cakes were especially yummy.We also went to walk through several of Chicago's lovely public gardens. This was at the lily pad lagoon garden. My favorite! And every street was beautiful with brick buildings and lush gardens. I especially liked this giant hydrangea.
And here's a shot of Heather's super cute apartment. I think it should be featured in a magazine like Domino.
And one of the highlights of the trip, eating dinner at Minnie's. Everything is miniature there! You get three mini sandwiches so you end up being full but you get to try a bunch of different things. Here we are drinking mini milkshakes! Fun!
And on the way out of town, I spotted this bakery with a bunch of funny signs in the windows. I especially like the one that says "You need cake." Yes, yes we do. Thanks, Heather, for showing me around Chicago and letting me in on your favorite things about your city. It was a blast!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

My friends' cute baby

So my adorable friends Christy and Nathan, who live in Portland, just had an equally adorable baby, well actually in May they had a baby. In fact, it was two days after our wedding, which they came to! I am thoroughly amazed by them all the time. Here are some pictures of the cute little bean, Ozias Elliot Conant, with the blanket I made for him. Congratulations Nathan and Christy!

4th of July extendo weekend

Happy be-lated fourth of July everyone!  I hope yours was as fun packed as ours.  I had Thursday off in addition to Friday so it was extra long and lovely.  We did a bunch of fun things.  First, I made a really fantastic orzo pasta dish (i added a bunch of other good stuff like olives and artichokes) all out of organic foods for dinner on Thursday and our friends Ryan and Cassie came over for dinner and games which was super fun.  
Before dinner:
Finito!  Delicious!
Then on the fourth, I decided to continue my Greek theme and make spanakopita (spinach/feta pastry triangles).   They were also very yummy, although not so good the next day re-heated.
And the finished product.  Mmmmmmmm.  
And we also gave Seth a new "freedom haircut" also known as a mohawk.  It makes him look even taller!  Before:
Then we went to see the fireworks in Tustin at our friend Chris's house.  It was a fun party and it's been a while since I've seen big fireworks so that was really fun.

And with all this extra time I had on my hands, I made myself a new shirt out of a giant pink tee shirt that i got from work.  I think it's much more girlie now.  Before:
And after:
That's about it, Seth did a lot of drawing for an art show he's going to be in soon but I can't give away his secrets yet, so you'll just have to wait to see the finished product later.  Hope you had a great weekend.  

Some wedding pics

Here are some wedding pictures, enjoy!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

The house is officially warmed

On Saturday, we had a housewarming party to break in the new place.  It was really fun, if I do say so myself!  Seth and I spent the day making food and cleaning the place up.  I made a patriotic cake with raspberries and strawberries inside.  Yum!And of course we had to make my famous Moz kabobs - grape tomato, mozzarella cheese square, fresh basil, and a green olive on a toothpick.  A party favorite.Waiting for the guests to arrive...

Guests enjoying the backyard.The last guests left around 2:30am.  Whew!  what a party!  Thanks to everyone for warming our home.  We loved having you.