Monday, August 25, 2008

You'll gnome it when you see it

That's what Seth said when I told him I was on a quest to find the perfect garden gnome.  Just for that, I've decided to start a collection of gnomes for the garden.  This little guy came in a set of three from the Long Beach Antique Flea Market.  My favorite is inside the house in a potted plant for safe keeping (I'm afraid hooligans will steal them from the front yard!)
On a tip from Liv, I found these cuties at Target!  They have stakes in the bottom so they stay planted well.  

Vegetables in no time!

Here's an update on our veggies!  We used some basil in our dinner last night and it was very rewarding.  I'm skeptical of the bell peppers because they don't seem to be doing much.  But the corn is really growing like crazy!  
I can't wait to see which corn turns out better, the one in the pot of the one in the earth.
Our tomato plant is getting huge!  And our cucumber plant has started to blossom and grow up the plant ladder.  The bottom leaves look really weird, kind of grayish white, like they were molding or something, but the rest of the plant looks healthy.  And stupid bugs are eating the leaves of everything, but that's what you get with organic farming.  The watermelon is still just sitting there.  I think it's angry about being planted so late.
And here's our 4 little tomatoes!  we'll be feasting on them soon.

I heart Ikea

We have desperately needed to buy a dresser for our clothes since moving into this house with tiny closets.  The closet has been busting open and we have our foldables on a bakers rack which is highly unattractive.  So we braved Ikea on a weekend and bought ourselves 2 new dressers!  We are trying to buy black furniture from here on out so that eventually, everything will match!  Here's Seth putting the first one together:

And the finished product!  Beautiful.
He was on such a roll that he got most of the second one put together last night too!

Sk8ology show - success!

This past Saturday was the Sk8ology show at the Koos Gallery in Long Beach that Seth was a part of.  It was a huge success and everyone had a great time.  The line to get in was continually 2 blocks long all night!  Crazy!    Other artists we know who made boards for the show are Jeff McMillan, Karen Halker, Mark Allen Miller, Matt Groeller, Thomas Lee Bakofsky, and Jan Trondsen.  Go here to see all the boards up close and bid on them for charity!
Here's a close up of Seth's board:
And here is the artist!
The wall with Seth's piece:
Another wall in the gallery:

Monday, August 18, 2008

Weekend festivities!

This weekend, we had a birthday party for Erika at Liv and Jeff's house.  Erika brought a gallon of this fantastic sangria...
And Liv and I made paella in her new pans... it was delicious!

And I made a fun fruit-filled salad - mixed colorful lettuce and kales, grape tomatos, pecans, strawberries, raspberries, grapefruit, and feta cheese with a light olive oil/balsamic dressing.
Liv made a really cute honey beehive cake and lavender honey ice cream!  
Here's Erika opening her birthday cards, looking extra excited!
Then we cracked open Cranium and played boys against girls.  The boys won.  Boo.
Matt was trying to hum "Like a Virgin" which doesn't really come across well hummed.  
It was a really fun party and everyone had a great time.  Happy Birthday Erika!

In other weekend news, we got a free washer and dryer from our marriage mentors at church, the Ellingtons, which is so amazingly awesome!  Seth replaced a broken belt on the dryer  and had to take the whole thing apart(he's so handy!).   Now we're really livin!    
Liv and I also went to a composting workshop on Saturday put on by the city of Long Beach's recycling department.  And although I was dead-set against it at first, I ended up purchasing the Wriggly Wranch.  That's right, it's a vermiposter - worms!  I ended up being convinced that it was the best kind of composting for our amount of compostable waste.  It also produces the best kind of fertilizer you can get for your plants.  If you're lucky, you'll get your very own bag of worm poop from us for Christmas for your gardens!  Just kidding.  

Wednesday, August 6, 2008


Since I had my wisdom teeth pulled yesterday, I didn't go to work today. My mouth hurts. Well, mostly just one back section. And my throat hurts, too. But nevermind that. What I was saying is that since I had some free time today, I thought I would post the skateboard deck I did for the Sk8ology show at the ISM gallery. It's a fund raiser for a good cause. So here it is:

The photo doesn't really do it justice. Too much glare. The title of the piece is "This Is Our Apocalypse". We've been seeing some of the massacre footage from Zimbabwe in the news lately. I was also inspired by Blood Diamond and the graphic novel Fax From Sarajevo. It all made me realize how little we know about the atrocities happening right now in the world. The Bosnia/Sarajevo story was pretty shocking, since I remember a little bit about the event, but not any particular details. And every documentary I see about Africa has crazy death and survivor stories from places like Democratic Republic of Congo, Somalia, Zimbabwe, Sudan, Ethiopia, Rwanda, and the list goes on and on..... There's a big world out there. The fellow at the bottom of the board is Robert Mugabe.

Chipmunk cheeks

Seth got 2 wisdom teeth pulled out yesterday, so it will be a week of soups and smoothies for dinner. He was a trooper and seems to be recovering quickly but is puffy, sore, and stuffed with gauze. Poor guy.
Taking his loopy pills.
This is the photocopied booklet on how to take care of yourself after the pulling. I like the illustrations a lot.
This is our fake "ice pack" held together with my rhinestone hair clips. I suppose we should buy a real ice pack someday. But for now, this works.
Feel better soon my dear!


I got a haircut on Friday.  Short!  

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Backyard garden update

This weekend we tackled planting our veggies (very late, I know, but it's always sunny here so we figured we'd give it a try).  Here we are at Home Depot picking up all the ingredients - mostly all organic too!
Seth cleared a space in the corner of the yard for his corn patch.  We are highly skeptical of anything actually being able to grow in this weird dirt/clay we have in the back yard so we planted a huge pots with some corn as well just in case.  It's a scientific experiment.
So the rest of the pots have - 2 tomato plants, 2 bell pepper plants, watermelon, cucumber, and basil.  The pots are bigger than they look in the pictures.  So, cross your fingers and pray for vegetable for us! 
I'm also in the process of re-seeding the front lawn since it is half dead.  Keep your fingers crossed for that too.  If it were my own house, I'd rip the whole lawn out and make a vegetable garden, but I doubt my landlord would appreciate me doing that.  Boo.  

Flowers make me happy

I made this arrangement for my co-worker's birthday last week.  Hydrangeas, tulips, and mini calla lilies.  

Also, I'm signed up to take a semester long floral design class at Long Beach City College this fall.  I'm well on my way to becoming a florist!    I bought this pepper spray today because the class is at night.