Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Nasal Fun!

I've always had sinus problems. It's my weakest sense of the 5 physical senses. I usually can't taste most complex foods, which is why I like things very salty and spicy and with a mixture of textures (crunchy things are the best). I think I've broken my nose at least once, possibly twice. Nasal issues run in my family (get it?). I'm pretty open to trying new solutions for things that aren't working in the first place, so when my friend Greg suggested that I use a Neti Pot, I thought about it a lot and went out and bought one. So far it seems to be working wonders for me. My sense of taste and smell has dramatically risen. I'd say I went from about 60% operational to about 88% now. There's still some room for improvements...
One of the sweet perks though, is just how fun it is to use:

I'm excited to try it out!

That's water coming out of my nose, not snot! Well, maybe a little bit... Although it looks odd, it feels great. I use the neti pot once a day before I go to bed. It's improved my sleep a lot. I've been waking up feeling more rested, which makes sense if I can breath easier in the night.

Also, I'm growing a beard (not pictured). It's for my Halloween costume. I had a photo, but it was taken over a week ago and it really doesn't do my current status justice. It's past the 'constantly itchy' phase and now it's getting shaggy. It'll be gone soon.

Friday, October 10, 2008


Last weekend, we went to Portland, OR to visit our friends Christy and Nathan and Scott and Fallon. I somehow convinced my boss that Portland would be a great place to go for one of our inspiration shopping trips, so it doubled as a work trip. It was super fun! Here are my fave pics:

Seth and Ozias - Christy and Nathan's baby.   Sooooo cute!
Christy's prize-winning zuccinis!  I am jealous of the way her garden grows.
Christy and Ozias
Scott and Fallon took us into this cool woodsy park.  We're only like 100 yards into it! 
Coffee and zucchini bread at Stumptown Coffee.
Scott, Brett, and Fallon at the Doug Fir bar
And my old friend Petey!  
We had a blast!  thanks for everyone's hospitality.  we love you!

Flowers and veggies, again

Our tomatoes and corn keep growing like crazy!  

First fruits!  That's a tiny bell pepper in my other hand.  the new ones are much bigger.
And here are some flower arrangements that i made for fun a few weeks ago.