Thursday, February 19, 2009

Did I mention...

That I LOVE California?!  mmmm, sunshine.  This is what I came home to after being in 18 degree Milwuakee, WI for work a few weeks ago.  Delightful!

Birthday fun

So, i know this is really late, but just wanted you all to know, we had a great time celebrating Seth's birthday!  I made a cake (from scratch!), Liv and Jeff had a dinner party at their house, and we had a great time hanging out with friends.  Here's the beginning of the cake - Dark Chocolate Raspberry Walnut cake:
Melting the chocolate:
Adding the raspberries!
Putting the filling on between the layers:
The finished product!  Seth requested an edible guitar and a big 27 on it.  I did the best with what i could find in terms of gel frosting.
Friends enjoying the party:
Seth enjoying the cake!

Friday, February 6, 2009

Deflowering Ryan

It's official, I have clients now. Time to start my portfolio.
Ryan's skeleton key. It's his first tattoo and the brave guy had me put it basically on his wrist. Took a bit under an hour, so I'm happy w/ my efficientcy. I think it turned out real nice and better yet, Ryan is happy w/ it. Now he's a REAL man! I was patient this time and allowed the stencil to dry properly, so this one was a lot easier to see than  my leg. It was also a lot easier to concentrate when you're not in pain. I'm going to try to go back over the shark v. Octopus this weekend and get some more details in and do some shading.