Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Gnome King's abduction

This morning, we came out of the house to find that the Gnome King was missing!  I've deemed this one the Gnome King since he's the grandest of my gnome collection (and we just watched Return to Oz).  He's about 8" tall and has a solar powered lantern in his hand!  My dad gave him to me for Christmas, which makes it even more sad.  He looks like this:
If you've seen him around, let me know.  There was no ransom note, so I'm assuming foul play from the drunkards who walk past our house a lot at night.  Good thing we're moving soon!  Hopefully the rest of my gnomes will be safe at the new house.  R.I.P. Gnome King, wherever you may be.  And to the hooligans who stole him, I shake my fist at you.  You are mean.  

Monday, April 6, 2009

On another happy note

I got summoned for jury duty!  I'm so excited!  I've never been called before and I've always thought it would be fun.  Yeah for civic duties!

And so it begins...

After getting our keys, we jumped right into our first home improvement project:  scraping off the popcorn ceilings.  Here's Seth taping up the floor coverings, getting ready for the mess.
I've always loved gas masks.
Before - very popcorny:
After - this picture makes it look like we didn't do anything, but really, all of the acoustics were scraped off and now it's just the drywall showing.  Next step, texture and paint the ceiling.
All dirtied up.  This was the smallest of the rooms and we only did one!  yipes!  lots of work ahead of us.  But it was fun!  

It's official

We got the keys to our new house (in Long Beach) last thursday!  As my dad said, now we are real tax payers!  

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Happy April Fool's day!

While neither of us have anything against Wisconsin, per say, I think we're both pretty content with Long Beach. Especially the weather. Fun to joke, though.

All joking aside, I'm still pursuing a career change to professional disc-golf. :D


I'm super-excited today to announce a major event in our life! After a lot of thought and consideration, Mandy and I have come to the decision to move.... to Lannon, Wisconsin! You're probably all thinking, "Wow! That's awesome! Why Lannon?! Where is Lannon?"

Well, it's an easy choice, really. It's a suburb of  Menomonee Falls, which also happens to be the headquarters of Kohl's!!! This is mostly so Mandy can really get into the "Kohl's Kulture", plus the seasons will be fun! We looooove snow and temperatures that dip into the negative!! There's actually quite a happening Wisconsin scene, it's the new New York, as far as the fashion industry is concerned... well, that's what I've been told. The entire youth and skate industry is really adopting this whole diary-farmer attitude and look. Anyway, it should be a blast!

While Mandy will be plenty busy soaking in the upper-mid west aesthetics, I'll have plenty of time to pursue a new career on the PDGA circuit. I know it means that I'll have to spend most months of the year on the road throwing a disc for a living, but I we believe that this will be an awesome step forward, in both our personal and proffesional lives. Plus, just think of all the awesome Innova swag I'll get!

So long to the West-Coast! Wisconsin here we come!! Wooooo!!!!