Monday, June 29, 2009

Fresh Lunch!

We've had fresh nectarines in the office for the past few weeks. I've been eating them every day w/ lunch. Nom-nom-nom. So good!!
The weather has been beautiful here the last two weeks and so much has happened. I need to get ahold of Mandy's camera because there's so much to blog about! Hope this leaves you hungry for more...

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Soul Night Dinner party

Last Friday, we finally made our Recipe Club dream come true with our first theme dinner party - Soul Night.  Everyone brought a dish of southern style comfort food.  It was such a success!  We were all stuffed beyond recognition at the end of the night.  I made mac and cheese with a heart attack inducing amount of cheese in it - 2 pounds!  Don't judge me Heidi.  
It had green chilies in it as well as a pinch of habenero tabasco sauce.  Mmmmm.  Here it is in the pot - 
And then I made a peach cobbler because that was the most southern dessert I could think of.
Mmmmm. I actually prefered the peaches in their sugar sauce to the actual end result, but it was pretty tasty.  I put brandy in it which always makes things better.
I wrote "Soul Night" on the cobbler!
Here it is in all it's ooey gooey overflowing goodness.
Jan brought bourbon and peach snapple as his beverage of choice and let me tell you, it's a delicious combination!  you should try it sometime.
Here's Erika and Zach making the biscuits.  They were delicious!
Liv is making the catfish.
Enjoying company in the kitchen.  Somehow the party always ends up in the kitchen!
Seth, Jared, and Jana waiting patiently for dinner.
The table enjoying our dinner. Jeff made collard greens, Erika made a drunken black eyed pea stew, Zach made the biscuits, Liv made the fried catfish, I made mac and cheese and peach cobbler and sweet tea of course(thanks to Kate's recipe), Jana made the mashed potatos, and Jared and Karen made the strawberry shortcake.  What a feast!  

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

June gloom

So, this is the third summer that I've lived in southern California, and I'm still taken by surprise by the "June gloom".  It gets really overcast and cloudy and even rainy in June down here.  It's 90 degrees in December, but in June it's cloudy and in the 60's?  So strange!  Anyhow, I am liking how the grey clouds look with the purple flowers that are blooming on the jacaranda trees so here's a picture from our new neighborhood.  

Cookin' with gas now!

We got our new stove on Monday and now we can cook again!  Yeahhhhhhh!
First meal made on the stove.  Delicious!

Monday, June 1, 2009


So, the new house didn't come with a stove and we don't have the gas turned on yet anyhow, so last night we got creative for dinner and used our camping stove!  Thanks Pommerencks!  It is coming in quite handy.  
Seth setting it up in the kitchen:
He moved it next to the screen door so we didn't get carbon monoxide poisoning.  Smart!
Voila!  The fanciest camping dinner I've seen in a while!  Delicious!

Street art

New swine flu art in LA.  thought it was worth taking a picture.  

Moving day

We have officially moved out of the old house and into the new house!  We thought it was going to be a pretty painful move since we have a house full of stuff, but turns out, people love us and we had 15 friends come help us move!  it only took 2 hours!  it was amazing!  thanks to everyone who came and helped!  we appreciate you.

Jeff and Andrew, two of our muscliest friends!
Kelsey and Amanda are looking frightened by the art room.  Jake looks ready to tackle it!
For a moving day, it was pretty fun!  Thanks again!

Seth's summer hair cut

House updates

In case you haven't seen the updates, here's what we've been doing to the house:
Tiling the bathroom floor - 
Refinished the floors and Kim and John painted our walls - 

There are lots of little things as well, but those are the most noteworthy updates.