Friday, July 10, 2009

Kaylee is here!

For those of you who don't know yet, my sister Kate and brother in law John had their baby girl!  Kaylee Sue Woertman.  Born June 28th, a whole 3 weeks early!  All healthy and wonderful and beautiful.  After a stint under the tanning booth lights at the hospital, she's home and happy.  Kate is doing great as well.  We are very excited to be an aunt and uncle now!  woohooo!  We're going to visit in August and I can't make the days go fast enough to get there.  
Isn't she soooo cute!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Pros and cons

Home-grown cherry tomatoes, fresh off the vine. We threw them in our pasta sauce and it added an amazing touch. So good! I thought this plant was a goner for sure when we moved it from our old house, but it seems to be doing just fine:
MOLES!!! We're hoping they just go away. But we're grateful they're not gophers...:

RCLB Project Passion

Most of you know, Mandy and I are active members in our church, Revolution Long Beach. One of our big focuses as a church is community outreach, so quarterly, instead of meeting for service at our regular time/location, the church goes out and does a 'Serve Sunday'. We've been focusing on one of the more urban neighborhoods near downtown LB. The idea is to go out and pick up trash off the sidewalks and in the gutters, offer to do some yard work, and try to connect on a personal level to our neighbors through tangible acts of service. Then, we have a big, free BBQ in the park where we invite everyone from the neighborhood to come and join us. Free food is a big draw, especially on a sunny Sunday afternoon. Here we are getting ready to go out and clean up the streets:
Action shot:
Guard-dog on a roof. He was a noisy little guy:
One of the groups bringing back trash they've collected:
Some of the neighborhood kids trying to teach us how to dance while we wait for the food:
BBQ time! 175 people fed in 45 minutes. We didn't realize the turnout would be so large. Next time we could easily double that amount. People waiting in line were calling up their family members to come down to the park. We could have fed more, but we ran out of food...:
Playing some hoops on the world's slipperiest basketball court. It was seriously dangerous and I have no idea what the parks and rec people were thinking when they painted that court...:
A fun/long day and we were able to put our new truck to good use when we hauled off all the bags of trash that our groups had collected that day. Who says you need to go to far-off lands to be a missionary? :)


Mandy and I have realized that with all this work around the house, we really needed to invest in a truck instead of borrowing Jeff's every weekend. So we decided to sell the Passat for a used truck. I was thinking either a 50's-70's era Chevy (easy to fix) or a 90's Toyota (long life/dependable). Fortunately for us, my folks suggested that we trade the Passat for their truck, a Toyato T100 (my old truck). Good-bye Passat:
Hello blue T100. We're signing the paperwork on the hood, it is a work-truck afterall. Check out the hutch in the back, too. Already puting the truck to use:
The deed is official:
We met about half-way between the Bay-Area and Long Beach, along interstate 5, at the Harris Ranch restaurant/visitor's center. I have a hunch that Heidi would have hated this place, cow-hide on EVERYTHING!

Warming up the House

My folks came down the weekend of our housewarming party to help us w/ some of the finishing touches. It was a last-minute trip, so we were super excited that they could help us celebrate the new house, in-person. Some of the images after we had finished hanging the pictures. Oh no! The house is haunted! Wait, that's just Mandy moving faster than our old-timey camera can capture...:
Our tchotchke collection:
The living room:
Some bathroom shots. Mandy refinished that cabinet herself:
The art/craft/sewing room. Still a work in progress:
"Friends" encouraging Mandy's little gnome obsession...: