Thursday, December 31, 2009

I'm usually so good at remembering to take pictures...

But these past few months, it's like I forgot we own a camera! I guess I've been too busy enjoying life to worry about taking photos. Anyhow, we had a lovely Christmas (I have no photos of course) up in San Jose with our families (minus Kate, John, and Kaylee who enjoyed an NC Christmas with the Wilkins!). We drove up to San Jose on the 24th just in time for the Christmas eve service at Mountain Bible church, then dinner and games with the Haak family. Christmas day, we drove over to Michele's house for dinner with her, my dad, John, and Kim. We brought Crum with us and he got to play with Michele's dog Casey, who was not amused. We got to see their vacation photos from Israel, Jordan, and Egypt. It sealed the deal for us, we have to go to Israel! We spent the next few days enjoying friends and family. We even got to see Eileen and Jim and their new baby Andrew, who is such a well mannered cutie pie. It was a great refreshing trip full of joy.
Here's Seth and Crum with our little Christmas tree -
Crum is "helping decorate" -
Pre-Christmas crafting. Crum is "helping" me again -
And here he is just being cute -
Since I have forced time off at work, I've been trying to get to some of the projects around here that I've been putting off. One of them is infusing gin with various natural flavors! I started these a few days ago and they take a week of infusing, so I will let you know how they turn out. Flavors include: apple and pear, olive and jalapeƱo, rosemary, lemon and peppercorn, clove, and cucumber.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Abbreviated Fall update

Fall is here! And it's already nearly winter. We've had a busy month-and-a-half since our last Halloween update. We've welcomed a new member into our family, Crum, the frenchie pup, have been visited by our friends Kurt and Heidi from New York, celebrated Thanksgiving, and celebrated Liv's 30th B'day. You can read better descriptions of those events from the people themselves: Powers and McMillans.

I couldn't get a hold of all the photos we've taken over the past weeks, but here's a sampling:
Visiting Grandma Holt in Selma (that's near Fresno). She's a firecracker, ornery as ever!
And here's Crum! He's a nearly 6-months old and quite a handful...
He may look innocent, but he's probably thinking about chewing something or how to get in trouble next. He goes w/ me to work about 2 days a week, any more than that and I wouldn't get any work done at all. Everyone loves him there.