Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Crum's new work-bed

When Crum isn't chasing around basketballs, he spends most of his time sleeping by my feet on his new bed. He used to sleep most of the day on my lap, but it makes typing difficult and I have to get up to talk to people all throughout the day.

Monday, April 19, 2010

A birthday to remember!

Well, thanks to my swell husband and my fab friends and family, I had a terrific 30th birthday! First, my dad and Michele came to visit us on Thursday night. We went to King's Fish House for dinner and the food was really great. So was the company! Thanks for making the trip down to see us.
Then, Saturday, Seth and I tidied up the house before the party most of the day. I didn't get a final count, but there must have been at least 40 people at the party! I felt loved. It was a really fun gathering. Alicia, Hanan, and Nate came up from San Diego and Janette drove up from the boonies that she lives in too! It was such a special treat. (Jana, Nate, and Matt eating cupcakes!)
My dear friends Jana and Matt, of Jana's Fun Cakes, made me the best birthday cake! It was sooooo me! Literally. My face was on it. haha! And some leopard print, bats, and green icing on the cupcakes. What more could I ask for! It was so tasty too. You should hire her! Thank you thank you thank you! Also pictured below, my friend Jerod made me a homemade pinata in the shape of a sleeping bat! So cool! He couldn't make it to the party, but we forgot to crack it open that night with all the jabbering I was doing. So, another excuse for a party presents itself!
Thanks to everyone who came out and to all that couldn't make it but sent me birthday wishes. I feel truly loved. 30 is going to be a great year!
Oh yes, and Crum had a great time at the party too. He liked all the attention he got, but he didn't like his party bowtie I made for him as much.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Crum At Work With Seth

Crum helping me out around the workplace. By 'workplace', I mean basketball court. By 'helping', I mean chasing the flat ball around. :)

Saturday, April 10, 2010

oh, where have we been?!

Well, apparently, we aren't good bloggers. We have left you all (the 4 followers of this blog) waiting in suspense for months! Well, here's a quick re-cap of what we've been up to the last 3 months. (Ugh, has it really been that long?)
February was lovely. Seth's birthday and party were super fun.

March was fun-filled. We went to New York for a bit of work and a bit of vacation. We got to spend some quality time with Heidi and Kurt and Ruben and Jessica. We miss them.
We also got to go to my cousin Heidi's wedding at the end of the month in Fresno. It was a great opportunity to see my side of the family and made me feel very refreshed.
On a sadder note, my grandmother, Faie Holt, passed away that same week and is now home with our Heavenly Father. We stayed the weekend with my cousins Doug and Annalaura so that we could go to the funeral on Monday. Although the passing of a beloved family member is awfully hard, she is in a better place now and not suffering in this earthly body anymore. For that, I praise the Lord.
After that, we rushed home Monday evening, repacked my suitcase, and I hopped on a flight to Milwaukee, WI for a day of meetings for work on Tuesday and Wednesday. Then, my friend Heather, who lives in Chicago, picked me up and we hung out in the windy city for the next few days! What a fun treat! I took a few vacation days to see her and it was so fun.
We walked all over the place, ate cupcakes, went to some beautiful gardens, visited the Art Institute Museum, and then she surprised my with high tea at the Drake Hotel! Thanks Heather!
Now that it's April, we are having another great month. This weekend, Liv and Jeff finally got to move into their new house which is only 6 blocks away from our house! Moving is always a chore, but this move was so fun and we had lots of help and good friends and food. And the drama involved in their house hunting has made this move that much sweeter. Congrats to you both! We are so happy for you.
Next week, my dad and Michele come for a visit and my 30th birthday happens! Much more fun to come.
oh, and p.s. we got Crum a giant mustache toy which is pretty hilarious.