Friday, June 18, 2010

We Like Flowers!

Liv and I are launching our freelance floral "business" blog today! Please visit us at We went with the obvious name after throwing a few fun ones out there, but we wanted something straightforward that didn't limit the style or event that we would do flowers for and we just said "You know, we like flowers. We want to do this." And so it begins...
If you need any arrangements or a florist for an event and are in Southern California, you give us a call! We're pretty cheap and have a lot of fun ideas. We're keeping our day jobs but would like to take on a few projects and we'll take it from there. We're super excited!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Summer hair

As you can see, my hair was getting out of control! It's pretty much a curly mess of a bird's nest when it gets past a certain length. And, since summer is upon us, I decided to get a drastic new hair cut! I went to my new friend Jaime at the Toni and Guy salon in Newport Beach. She also happens to be my dear friend Paula's daughter. It was such a fun experience! I haven't had my hair cut in a salon in so long, so I had a good time. Here's before:
And after! Sassy!

More plants

I planted a few more plants in the front planter bed. Our lovely neighbors Sharon and Todd gave us some plants as a welcome to the neighborhood gift. One of them is the plant in the middle here with little yellow flowers. It's some sort of scotchbroom but I can't remember the name now.
I bought the purple flowers at Rodger's Gardens in Newport Beach with Liv a few weekends ago. I got the idea from Sharon's garden and I've been looking for it for a while now. It smells like licorice and attracts butterflies!
And here's our lavender, mint, and gardenia. Still looking good! Not dead yet! The mint is even bigger now and about to take over this little space. Good thing I love mint! I need to look up a good mojito recipe for the summer.

Crum's 1st Birthday!

June 2nd was Crum's 1st birthday. Seth wouldn't let me throw the dog a party for fear that I would become a "crazy dog lady" so I settled for making him a party hat and putting his bowtie on for a few pictures. This series of pictures makes him look like the hat is weighing his head down and he can't hold it up anymore! haha! It was only on for a minute before he tried to get it off and eat it. Happy birthday Crummy!

Kelsey and Jake

Well, as usual, I am way behind in updating the blog. We went to our good friends Kelsey and Jake's wedding in early May and I'm finally putting up the pics! It was a really fun and beautiful wedding in Encinitas, CA. Enjoy.
Liv and I did the flowers too! We were really pleased with how they turned out. And most importantly, so was Kelsey!
They had a candy bar which was so fun! Everyone got to fill up cute bags of candy to go. Seth ate my whole bag so he now owes me some very hard to find candies. grrrrrr.
And instead of a cake, they had pretty cupcakes! They were delicious! What a great wedding!