Sunday, November 28, 2010

Using all of the buffalo

Being herbivores ourselves, we don't cook much meat in our house. But, seeing as how we had 20 guests for the holiday coming over who are more than likely meat eaters, John brought us down a turkey and so kindly cooked it for our feast. After all the good meat had been sliced off and saved in the fridge, I became determined to get ALL of the rest of it off and turn the scraps and broth into dog food for Crum, since no one else wanted it. In the spirit of the early native Americans, if we're going to kill an animal, let's be sure to use all of it. Here's our 4 hour project in a photo montage. VEGANS! AVERT YOUR EYES NOW!
Here I am, boiling the bones down.
One clean carcass! And a house filled with the smell of turkey. Note the spray bottle on the counter for spraying Crum because he was whining so much in the kitchen.
I left out some other gross photos, but here's the final product! I added in some carrots, spinach, rice, and black eyed peas to the broth and meat and blended it up. My hand is in there for bowl size reference!
Kim had a great idea of freezing them in muffin tins so they were individual size servings! It's working out nicely, but taking my whole freezer. I had to make Seth get rid of his beloved Otter Pops to make room.
Ah, final product being enjoyed (scarfed down) by Crum.
It made me feel better about using all of the bird and it's making Crum one happy dog!

The day after

The day after Thanksgiving, we wished Dan and Melody a happy 7 year anniversary and they left for a trip to Hearst Castle. Here's family photo.
Crum really enjoyed having us around the house for so long this week. He got extra attention and extra food scraps, despite him being on a diet. We'll start the diet on Monday.
John brought down a cigar he's been meaning to smoke and the last bottle of champagne they still had from our wedding. So, being in southern California and all, we went outside into the wonderful weather, and spent an hour or so being fabulous, smoking cigars and drinking champagne.
I had a puff, just to say I tried it, but I think we all agreed that cigars are gross. The champagne and company were great though! Fun times.


Happy Thanksgiving! We had a lovely one, the first one in our house! John, Kim, Dan, and Melody came down for the occasion and we also hosted all of our church friends who couldn't go home for the day. I think we had about 20 people! It was so fun to have our family around. We missed my dad and Michele and Kate, John, and Kaylee, but we did get to skype with them for a bit on the big day. Oh the magic of technology! I'm thankful for that for sure!
Here's a bunch of our church buddies crammed in the kitchen.
Squeezed in the living room.
Dan, Mel, and Kim chatting before dinner.
John bbq'd his turkey and put apples inside. I tasted it and it was great!
Must have photo of the food! This is only 1/5th of the counter space that was covered in food. Kim and I made a bunch of dishes for the dinner including: mushroom stuffing (from scratch of course), bourbon sweet potatoes with cranberry glaze, roasted Brussels sprouts with cranberry brown butter, and pumpkin pie. Seth made mashed potatoes, his own special recipe.
And of course, we had about 10 different desserts!
I couldn't find any cornucopias, so I made a stick wreath from found sticks outside and then made an arrangement to set inside it. Turned out pretty.
Hope your day was great and filled with good food and friends. We love you!

Monday, November 22, 2010

New beginings

As I mentioned, I recently got a new job at RVCA (pronounced rooka)! I spent almost 4 years at Quiksilver in the Tony Hawk department and loved it, but it was time for something new. If you aren't familiar with RVCA, check out what they do. This is one of those companies that I love everything they do, and am so excited to have the opportunity to work here for the next chapter in my life. I'm in the art department now as opposed to the cut and sew design department at Quik. I'm learning new things everyday and loving it all! And I am blessed to work with really cool people too!

Halloweena ballerinas

Like I said, we aren't good bloggers. Here's the update from Halloween and it's almost Thanksgiving. Sigh. Anyhow, I recently got a new job with a different company (RVCA) and as my parting gift to me, I somehow convinced my Quiksilver coworkers to dress as ballerinas for the company Halloween party. This is the awesomeness that ended it up being:
I had to make the boys tutus "extra long and fluffy" in order for them to wear them.
And, like so many other crazy pet owners do on Halloween, I dressed up my dog in a matching ballerina costume. He looks uncomfortable. (Don't worry, I only made him wear it for the photo, and took it right off).