Wednesday, March 30, 2011

RVCA art department salsa cook-off!

That's right, my job rules. The fun and quirky kids of the art department at RVCA came up with an awesome idea... to have a salsa cook-off contest. We all love spicy food and hot sauce and salsa, but none of us had ever really delved into the fine art of making any of it. So, we all chose our secret recipes, spent a weekend concocting them, and brought them in for the taste off on Monday.
Here's a photo of my ingredients, well, most of them. I can't give away all my secrets! I chose a mango habanero salsa for my entry.
Artsy shot of me chopping.And chopping.And chopping. It seemed like hours of chopping. I put in all three of those habaneros and it was hardly spicy at all. Actually everyone had the same problem. All of our salsas seemed to mellow out over night. I wonder why?And this is the closest shot I have to the finished result. I waited until the morning of the contest to add the mango so that it didn't overpower the salsa. Thanks for that advice Andrew!
It was a really fun contest, everyone had a great time participating and tasting. And the best part... I won! Salsa champion!!!!! woohoo!

Bad blogger

Well, again, life has zipped by and I haven't updated you, our four followers, of what's going on. Apparently, we are really busy doing fun things! I downloaded the photos off our camera tonight and found some gems to share. Here are a few pictures of Crum looking cute, just for fun.