Sunday, July 17, 2011

Baby Elsa is here!

Big news on the block, Jeff and Liv had their beautiful baby girl, Elsa Ida McMillan, last Monday. She is such a peach! Lots of hair and chubby cheeks. A bundle of goodness. It is still a little surreal that she is finally here. We love her so much already. We went over today to see her again and snapped a few shots.
Walking with the grandmas! They are in heaven of course. That's a Pepsi in Jeff's hand, not a beer. Don't worry.

Summer Camping

We just got back from our camping trip to Barton Flats campgrounds, just north of San Bernadino. Greg and Meghan did an awesome job organizing the trip as usual. We took Crum for his first camping trip and decided he was just okay at camping. He mostly wanted to chase chipmunks and birds and other dogs.
Seth relaxing and drawing.
Brian and Dan
Greg and Dan washing the dishes
Gathered around the table for breakfast
Tents and the woods
Me and Meghan
We went on a 5 mile hike during the day on Saturday and this was the view from the end point.
Here we are with our dead dog after hiking to the top of the look-out. Oh wait, here's a better picture of us. He's not dead after all.
We ended up leaving a little earlier than planned due to not feeling well, but it was a fun trip despite being under the weather.

Kaylee's 2nd Birthday

The following weekend, we went up north to the bay area for our niece Kaylee's 2nd birthday party. Kate, John, and Kaylee live in North Carolina so we don't get to see them very often. Hopefully, that will be remedied soon when they sell their house!
We went up early to help set up for the party on Friday. Here's a cute picture of Kaylee's clothes drying on the clothesline outside my dad's house.
I can never get enough of this view from my dad's back porch.
Horses! Just down the street from dad's house are a bunch of horses now.
I let Kaylee open her presents from us the night before the party so that she could actually play with them. She got a set of plastic fruits, that you can velcro together and a wooden xylophone. Trying to share her toys with Crum.
It was a weekend of willpower for Crum for sure. So many toys on the ground and he can't chew any of them! And a tiny person to jump on and he can't do that either! He did a pretty good job.
Playing the xylophone with uncle Seth.
What a happy little girl!
Crum, taking a break from the willpower challenge. Unfortunately, he's not allowed on the furniture in dad's house!
The party set-up.

Kaylee in her party dress.
The table! Kate did a beautiful job of putting this party together. She made everything match, even the snacks! She made cake pops from scratch too. They were a hit!
I made some flower arrangements for the tables. It's so easy when you have my dad's garden to pick from!
The birthday girl, unhappy about having to eat a cake pop. haha!
I didn't get any actual photos of all the people who were at the party! But I think there were about 30! Great party! Kaylee got pretty tired at the end and chilled out in grandpa's lap, while they inspected a new toy.
Fun to see our families again. Good for my soul.

4th of July BBQ!

Since we had been doing so much traveling, we decided to take it easy and lay low on 4th of July weekend. We dog-sat our friends' corgi puppy, Theo, as well, so it wasn't as relaxing as we expected! Haha! I forgot how much work puppies are. But it was fun. We had Jeff and Liv and our new friend Lynne over for a BBQ on Saturday. Good summer fun.

Emily and Cliff Ward

Did I mention it's wedding season? The following weekend, we flew to Denver for our friends' Cliff and Emily's wedding! We had both never been to Colorado, so we took an extra day off and made it into a little vacation. We, of course, tried a variety of interesting beers, since it's beer country out there. Seth was in his element. We didn't get any pictures at the breweries, but we went to Great Divide and Avery. We also ate at a place called Fresh Craft which had a huge selection of craft beers. And then we went to The Falling Rock which was a bar that had a bazillion beers on tap. Not to mention, that at the wedding, the father of the bride had homebrewed all the beer there too! Beer overload.

Besides beer, we did do something I love as well. We went to the Denver Botanical Gardens! It was beautiful and hot!
I took this picture for Liv because she likes alliums, but they were the biggest I've ever seen! Up to my hips!
Seth, in a hobbit doorway, or the entrance to the Japanese garden.
Pretty peonies.
Cooling down in a little prayer hut. These bells on the ceiling were really cool.
Me in the Scripture Garden. We had fun trying to figure out what scripture references all the plants were from.
Yellow columbines. These are the Colorado state flower.
The Rockies! We stopped at an overlook on our way to Boulder to visit the Avery brewery.
And the wedding! It was in a beautiful Catholic church in downtown Denver.
These next few shots are a little blurry, but we didn't want to be "those people" who were flashing it up in the church. Here's Emily with her folks.
Cliff and Emily with the Father.
The reception was at an art gallery called the Space Gallery. It was cool 3-room building with a loft. Hence this cool photo from above.
Me and Seth
They had a cake pop wedding cake! Delicious!
And we cornered them and made them take a photo with us at the end. Great wedding and it was super fun to see our friends that we miss so much again. We are still crossing our fingers that they'll move back to California some day!