Tuesday, September 13, 2011

RCLB Elder Retreat '11: Julian, CA

A few photos to sum up the Revolution Church Long Beach Elder's retreat over the Labor Day weekend. We (The Haaks and San Nicolas families) had a lot of 'vision-casting' and planning to do for the next year, but we also go to spend a lot of time just enjoying each other's company as we soaked in the sights of Julian, a little mountain community east of San Diego.
Julian is 'famous' for it's apples, apple pie, and other apple related products.
Sampling the fares at the local indoor farmer's market. The 'market' turned out to be a bit of a bust, but we did sample some of the hard cider. There's also a quaint little down-town strip that has a gold-rush feel (of course I didn't take any pictures of it...).
We took a hike through the forested hillside on our last day. The storm clouds were forming overhead...
Looks straight out of Tolkien's Middle-Earth. On our way to Rivendell...
...but all we found was the 'Big Lagoon'. Who wants to go swimming?
On our walk back to the car it started to rain. We got a little wet, but the weather was still warm and it was a nice reminder that even in Southern California the summer can come to an end.

Chandon and family: August '11

A few quick photos from Chandon and family's visit last month. I can't believe I didn't get more photos, especially of the tent in the backyard and going to the beach!
Father, Son, and Crum.
My folks came down from the Bay Area to see the family. We took some time to go to the OC Fair. Channy wasn't too keen on the livestock or the sketchy carnival rides (good for him), but did have a great time in the insect/reptile exhibit. :)
Look at the size of that ox! Chandon was clearly not as impressed as I was.
We spent an afternoon at the park. Here he is trying out his new beanie and a feather that grandpa and grandma brought him from the Santa Cruz mountains. It was probably too hot for the beanie...
On the swings w/ Mandy. We also went to the family birthday party/bbq in Irvine... which I didn't get more photos of, either. But it's all up here (tapping on my forehead). What a fun week! Can't wait to see my boy again. Also not pictured are all the games of candyland and Lego StarWars we played.