Friday, December 30, 2011

Christmas Time Adventures

As soon as the Thanksgiving tables were cleared, the Christmas Tree went up.
Mandy's quilt for our new nephew: Nicolo.
We got to visit baby Nicolo (along w/ Dan and Melody) at the hospital the day after he was born. What an awesome Christmas present!
I look really awkward... or maybe I'm flashing some gang signs w/ a baby.
Crum made a nest on his grandparent's couch. He really blends in.
Christmas dinner at Michele's house. It was a crab feast!
The age-old Christmas tradition of Skyping w/ relatives.
Michele loves Crum and he loves anybody who will give him cheese or let him on their lap.
Andrew, Eileen, and Mandy.
Jen and Patrick hosted a Christmas party at their new place in Oakland. It was a lovely party! That's not Patrick though, it's Travis.
We got to see Nicolo one more time before we left. Here he is nice and cozy at home in his new quilt. What an angel.
"What's the pastability you guys could stop noodling around and finish dinner?"
John, Kaylee, Seth.
Kaylee's new Ark. Trivia question: What's Noah's wife's name?
The Fresno family.
Kaylee and a well-behaved/worn out Crum.

We are back in Long Beach now and getting ready for another awesome year. 2012 is going to be the year to end all years. :)

Babysitting Elsa

We got to babysit Elsa all by ourselves for a few hours. This was good practice for us, specifically my photo-taking skills... babies move a lot.

Thanksgiving: Long Beach and Fresno

The '2nd annual RCLB Thanksgiving Feast'. We put three tables together end-to-end. This is the 'kids end' of the table.
And the 'grown ups' end. We had over 20 people total. Very fun and a great success.
So much food...
...and desserts.
Andrew giving a 'fire and brimstone' messages to Matt.
Then Mandy and I traveled up to Fresno where we got to see John, Kate, and Kaylee. Pete and Michele drove from the Bay Area and lots of cousins, aunts and uncles came over to visit too. We're so glad they're back in California.


Crum and the pumpkins greet our neighborhood trick-or-treaters.
Halloween family portrait: Medusa, Perseus, and a Crum-sized dragon. Dragons are from Greek mythology, right?
We used up the last of the aluminium foil making my shield... so the battle could be historically accurate...

Theo's First Birthday (Oct.11th)

Here come the blog updates for the last quarter of '11. Try and keep up. :D

Theo, Crum's best buddy/arch-nemesis, turned one October. Amy baked him a dog cake and they went to town.