Monday, July 2, 2012

Shalom is 5 weeks old now and getting chubbier by the day!  She was 6lb 3oz at birth and she's already 9lb 9oz today!  We've been having fun taking her out in public more now that she's a month old and ready to meet the world.  
Here she is on her rug in her 1 month onesie:
 Our first time back at church:
 Jude's 1 year birthday party:
 Jude blowing out his birthday cake candle:
 Shalom zonked out at the party:
 Wide awake when we got home. Thanks for the party dress Auntie Liv!
 And, my goth baby.  This is the first dress I've made her and of course, it had to have a skull on it.  I used the green dress as a rough pattern.  I should have used a bigger size piece of clothing because I think she'll only be able to wear it once before it doesn't fit. That's what babies do though! Grow grow grow!