Wednesday, September 19, 2012

It's all making sense now

Kim brought down some of Seth's baby photos and it is all making sense now why we have such a chubby, bald baby.  I am seeing Seth in her more and more.  Check out the resemblance.  Once my dad finds my missing baby photos, I will post some comparisons of me.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Great baby moments

Here's what Shalom has been up to lately:
Eating her hands - 
 Smiling a ton - 
 Sitting in her bumbo chair - 
 Standing with much assistance - 
 Lots of tummy time - 
 Being stylish - 
 Sucking her thumb - 
 Full face laughing - 
 Going to Arsenal soccer matches at pubs - 
And a whole lot more.  She's rolling over, scooting across the floor, doing pushups, swimming, looking cute, and making us happy.

A day to remember

Well, it's been 8 years ago today since my wonderful mom died, so I am taking time today to reflect on her life, the things she taught me, and the things that I can pass on to my daughter.  I am spending the day thanking God for her and celebrating new life in Shalom.  Some days as a new mom are hard and not having my mom around to call on those days makes it even harder, but God has blessed me with a wonderful family and amazing friends who all have great mothering experience to help me on my journey of motherhood.  Thank you to all of you for sharing your wisdom with me.

Oh how time flies...

Seriously, I'm a terrible blogger.  We have had a busy summer and I'm adjusting to being a stay at home mom (I know, what else do I have to do all day besides blog. No excuse).  Anyhow, We just had a big weekend with a ton of our family in town which was so fun.  The reason, you ask?!  Shalom was baptized on Sunday at Redemption Church.  So grandpa, Michele, farfar, farmar, Kate, John, and Kaylee all came down for the weekend.  It was a blast to have everyone here, although we missed Melody, Daniel, and Nicolo who couldn't make it.  We had a bbq at the house for lunch after church with friends and family.  It was a lovely day and it will be special in our hearts for our whole lives.  Here are some photo highlights.
Seth baptizing Shalom -
 Family photo
 Mom, Dad, and Shalom