Sunday, December 30, 2012

Merry Christmas!

We had a lovely vacation up in the Bay Area and Fresno, visiting family for Shalom's first Christmas.  Here are a few highlights from the trip:
Nephew Nicolo's 1st birthday party:
Farfar holding both babies = heaven
 Uncle Daniel smiling with Shalom
 Nicolo's woodland themed birthday crown
 4 generations of Pommerencks!  Grandma Pat's first time meeting Shalom
 Farfar teaching Shalom the important things in life, the Giants winning season stats.
 Farmar feeding Shalom pears
 Daddy and Shalom on Christmas morning
 "opening" her gifts

 2 grandpas!
 Zonked out after dinner at Michele's on Christmas night
 Visiting aunt Kate, uncle John, and cousin Kaylee
 And back home.  This one is to show you how much she is moving these days, hence all the blurry photos.  She is sooooo close to crawling, so this week we are working on baby-proofing the house.  
We are so blessed to have wonderful family, a happy healthy baby, loving parents and siblings, new traditions, and the financial means to go visit them.  Thank you God for all the gifts you've given us, but most importantly, for the gift of Jesus that we get to focus on this season.

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John Haak said...

All that action and she is not even crawling yet ... just wait until that kicks in! It was a special Christmas with new kids in remembrance of The New Kid that started Christmas.